SFP Airdrop Results Announced – Welcome Officially On-board to Decentralized World

Dear SafePal community,

Thank you for participating in the SFP Airdrop campaign launched two weeks ago. The event was designed for new crypto users who are brave enough to take their first step toward decentralization and it ended with great success. We are thankful for all the brave new SafePal users showing their strong dedication to decentralization and spending their efforts in completing the tasks to become fully decentralized users.

Below are the result details of the $SFP airdrop event. In the next couple of hours, all of the qualified participants will see their $SFP results in the ‘SFP Airdrop’ DApp. We will start to distribute the rewards immediately afterward and the distribution will be complete by December 6th, which means that all of the qualified participants will receive their $SFP rewards in the SafePal wallet by December 6. In the meantime, there were cheating accounts detected and hence will be disqualified from the results.

Recap of Result Calculation Formula

In the event, the concept of ‘Share’ was introduced to represent the credit for each task. At the end of the campaign, the rewards will be calculated following the steps:

  1. The total shares that all participants complete together will be summed up
  2. The 1,000,000 $SFP reward pool will be divided by the number of shares we got from step 1, and thus we know how many $SFP tokens each share equals to
  3. Since each participant completes different shares, by multiplying the number of share and the $SFP token each share represents, we have the final number of how many $SFP should each user receive independently

Eventually, the formula looks like this:

Each Participant’s SFP Reward = [ 1,000,000 $SFP Tokens/ Number of total shares completed ] * Number of shares completed by each participant

Result and Calculation

The total share completed through the event was 488,190.

Hence each share equals 1,000,000 SFP/ 488,190 = 2.04838280 SFP

Since each participant has different reward shares and thus different SFP rewards, the calculation of each wallet account will be displayed and credited in the ‘SFP Airdrop’ DApp.

Reward Distribution

The SFP rewards will be sent to every participant’s SFP wallet address starting from now on. The distribution will be complete by December 6. If you already see the SFP reward results in the ‘SFP Airdrop’ DApp but still don’t receive the SFP tokens in your wallet balance, please wait patiently as it will take a while to distribute the rewards gradually.


I did the tasks but my tasks showed ‘Failed’ and I’m not credited with the SFP rewards. Why is that?

First of all, the campaign is for new SafePal users and each participant can join once only. Wallet accounts that don’t qualify for these requirements will be removed from the qualification list.

Secondly, there was a mandatory task of ‘store and hold at least $100 USDC, USDT, or BUSD on Ethereum (ERC20) or BNB Chain (BEP20) in the wallet throughout the campaign’. If a wallet fails to keep on holding the stablecoins in the wallet until the campaign ends on November 30, all of the remaining tasks will be void as well and the wallet account will be disqualified from the list.

Thirdly, if a wallet account is detected as a cheating account or a bot account created in bulk, the tasks will show as ‘Failed’ and the wallet account will be disqualified with the event.

I saw the SFP rewards credited in my ‘SFP Airdrop’ DApp already, but I still don’t receive the SFP rewards in my actual wallet.

It takes time to gradually distribute the SFP rewards to all the participants. It has already started and will be done by December 6. Please wait patiently for the process.

In the meantime, make sure you are checking in the correct wallet account that participated in the event as SafePal App allows users to create multiple wallet accounts that are independent of each other.

If you are credited with the SFP rewards in the ‘SFP Airdrop’ DApp, but still don’t receive the SFP rewards after December 6th, please submit a ticket to our customer support team for further assistance.

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