SafePal’s First Exclusive GameFi Event with DreamsQuest

Update on Collaboration with DreamsQuest: An exclusive NFT Event will take place within the DreamsQuest Discord. Details are provided below

Update: After community feedback, we have discussed the “Discord Task” requirements with the DreamsQuest team. They have agreed to simplify the task down to 3 simple steps, removing the need to enter a hidden channel using a password and completing a google form. Whitelisted Users simply have to authorize the Discord safepal bot in order to complete the task, updated instructions are provided below

Dear Community

Have you heard of GameFi or Play to Earn?

Well, recently we at SafePal have come across an interesting GameFi project called DreamsQuest and would love to share this with the community. We are currently experimenting together with GameFi projects and if this is something of interest to you then come to join us on this journey.

Today we are launching our first exclusive GameFi event together with DreamsQuest is a play-to-earn RPG card game using dynamic NFTs. Players are invited to explore the dream realms and go on an adventure by participating in quests, and battle other players with cards that are represented by dynamic NFTs. ⚔️Free to Play & Play to Earn!

For more information on DreamsQuest you can visit them here

DreamsQuest will be airdropping exclusively to the SafePal community 3,000,000 $DREAMS tokens to 10,000 lucky participants & an additional exclusive NFT event will be held by the DreamsQuest Team at a later date on their Discord. The $DREAMS tokens which have not yet been minted nor priced on any exchanges will be scheduled for release this quarter so make sure you stay in tune with the Dreams Quest project.

Update on Collaboration with DreamsQuest

First of all, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by our internal miscommunication. Dreams Quest has never agreed to give out ANY FREE NFTs to SafePal participants as the 3,000,000 $DREAMS token is the main prize. Dreams Quest on top of the airdrop to 10k SafePal winners will also provide 500 NFT whitelisting spots (as a guaranteed spot for purchase of an NFT on the Dreams Quest Marketplace after its launch) the event details will be announced within the DreamsQuest Discord. 500 Winners for the NFT whitelisting spot will be chosen randomly by DreamsQuest team based on the entries to the original airdrop campaign

Campaign Timeline

Campaign Period: October 9, 2021 12:00 PM UTC – October 13, 2021 12:00 PM UTC

How to participate in the exclusive SafePal GameFi Event

Whitelist Snapshot

Only 10,000 users who satisfy ANY of the following conditions and click the “Join Now” button can enter the whitelist:

A) The BEP20 address of this wallet stores at least 100 $SFP Tokens
B) The wallet is paired with an S1 hardware wallet

Whitelist Snapshot Timeline

The whitelist snapshot will end as soon as the 10,000 user slots have been filled or on October 13, 2021 12:00 PM UTC


1. This is a first come first serve event

2. Each device and BSC address can ONLY participate once

Discord (MAIN) Task

Please note that only whitelist users who complete ALL of the Discord Tasks below are eligible to claim this reward.

The following is a step by step tutorial on how to complete this task:                    

Step 1. Download the “Discord App” and login to your Discord Account
Download Discord

Register an Account on Discord, it’s free

Step 2. Click this “Open Discord”  or copy the Discord URL Link into a browser “XXXXX”  

Note: If you have not logged in to Discord, a Discord login page will appear

After either clicking the “Open Discord” or copy the link “XXXX” into a browser
A safepal bot will appear so next select the Authorize button for the safepal bot

After giving Authorization for the safepal bot, a Discord invite from DreamsQuest will appear regardless if you are using a browser or the native Discord App

Step 3.  Go Back to the SafePal Wallet App and click open the “DreamsQuest DApp”

Select the Discord Task and click the “Verify” button at the bottom of the Task to complete this task

Click the Verify Button

Congratulations the Discord Task is now complete, please wait until October 13, 2021 for the whitelist snapshot.

The campaign will end by 12:00 PM UTC time on October 13, 2021. The calculation of the shares will be announced on discord by the DreamsQuest Team inside the DreamsQuest Discord channel, and the rewards will be transferred to your BSC address after $DREAMS is listed (no confirmed date yet).


1. The $DREAMS Token will be distributed by the DreamsQuest Team, an announcement will be made in the DreamsQuest Discord Channel after TGE

2. Each device, BSC address, and Discord account can ONLY participate once.

3. The additional NFT drop reward will be conducted by the DreamsQuest team inside the DreamsQuest Discord channel at a later date

4. The Discord Task is only available for users that received a whitelist slot

Twitter Task

Please note that only whitelisted users will be eligible to complete the Twitter &  Discord Main Task, You must complete the Discord Main Task to be eligible to claim this reward.

1. Follow DreamsQuest (@DreamsQuestNFT) and SafePal (@iSafePal) on Twitter

2. Retweet this campaign post and quote with your campaign code: NT5ZGQ.

3. Copy your RT link and paste in the following field.

4. Click “Verify” to verify your retweet.

5. Once the retweet is verified, you can earn an extra 0.1 share if you have been WhiteListed & have completed the Discord Task

The campaign will end by 12:00 PM UTC time October 13, 2021. The calculation of the shares will be announced on discord by the DreamsQuest Team inside the DreamsQuest Discord channel, and the rewards will be transferred to your BSC address after $DREAMS is listed (no confirmed date yet).

My BSC Address:



1. Each device, BSC address, and Twitter ID can ONLY participate once.2. Only Twitter accounts created >180 days with ≥10 followers are qualified for this task.

Good luck to all the participants

Make sure to complete both the Discord & Twitter tasks after getting whitelisted.

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