SafePal Weekly Update (Week 4, June)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for joining our weekly update at the end of June. Hope you enjoy it! 🍻🍻

1. Special S1 hardware wallets have been shipped out to celebrate Bitcoin becoming the legal tender of El Salvador

This week, 2021 S1 hardware wallets with special packaging will be sent out to those who ordered from the SafePal homepage, as a special way to celebrate Bitcoin becoming the first-ever legal tender of El Salvador. We firmly believe that El Salvador won’t be the last one. Thanks to El Salvador for opening a brand-new chapter and for taking the first step in human history. Wanna know what the special package looks like? Shhhh….🤫🤫Let’s wait and see if anyone will share on social networks when they receive it! Surprise! 🎉🎉

2. SafePal attended the 9th BSC Security Workshop to share pro tips on crypto security

This Thursday, our CEO Veronica was invited to the #9 BSC Security Tech Workshop to share useful pro-tips on how to keep crypto safe as a beginner. Serving users from global-wide every day, we receive a lot of fund loss reports every day, most of which are caused by the lack of knowledge about how to properly keep crypto safe. If you missed the workshop and still want to learn about the tips, don’t panic! We will share the recap on our blog next week. Stay tuned!

3. OpenOcean Round 2 airdrop update: all the previous OOE WHO campaign winners are eligible for the airdrop as well

OpenOcean has updated the Round 2 $OOE airdrop earlier this week. We have received the confirmation from OpenOcean team that all the previous OOE WHO campaign winners are also eligible for the Round 2 $OOE airdrop. Welcome to read the latest announcement to learn more details.

In the meantime, a lot of you might be asking when the OOE WHO rewards can be officially distributed. Please rest assured that we have been keeping a close connection with OpenOcean and once any update comes from them, we will update the community in no time. Appreciate your patience and support.

4. V2.7.1 update is coming soon. THETA and Polygon will be supported.

The V2.7.1 version is under final testing. THETA and Polygon will be included. Which blockchains are you looking forward to seeing in our coming updates? Leave a comment to us on Twitter and we might start working on it!

  • – THETA and Polygon will be supported
  • – A new ‘Buy Crypto’ DApp will be added
  • – Security Survey will go live in the App for better user security education
  • – The NFT interface will be optimized
  • – Users will be able to see if there is any hardware wallet firmware update from the App
  • – Swap maintenance announcement bar will be added so that users can know if there is any maintenance going on
  • – Other small improvements on UI

5. SafePal Earn is still under testing process. Please stay tuned and we look forward to launching it safely and soon!

In the BSC Tech Workshop earlier this week, our CEO veronica has also responded to a question from the community about when SafePal Earn is going to be launched. We deeply appreciate your patience in waiting for our update! Out of a responsible attitude we need to make sure the codes are working effectively and safe for everyone, even if that means the timeline is delayed. We have started to work with the prestigious security audit teams and we hope to bring Earn to life as early as we can. Right now the dev team is running the 3rd round of the final tests before we hand over the codes to the security audit teams. Please stay tuned and we will announce once it’s ready.


Welcome to stay connected on our Twitter and Telegram. Hope to see you next week!


SafePal Team

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