SafePal Weekly Update (Week 3, June)

Dear Community,

This week we are actively preparing for an NFT airdrop campaign with one of the most active NFT players on BSC and our next update release. They will both go live next week. Stay tuned!

1. SafePal Twitter and Telegram are both verified with blue checks

This week our Twitter account and Telegram group were both verified with the blue checks finally! This makes it easier for users to distinguish the legitimate SafePal accounts from the fake ones. Another step for safer community!

2. SafePal officially supported the $FINE token from Refinable. More collaborations coming ahead

We are happy to announce the official support of the $FINE token from Refinable, an NFT marketplace built on the Binance Smart Chain. You can now store $FINE tokens safely and easily with SafePal wallet.

3. SafePal was invited as a guest speaker in the Beefy community. Join the Beefy community and read the chat if you’ve missed it!

4. V2.7.1 update coming soon

SafePal has kept a agile product iteration pace to deliver useful features to our users. We are launching the V2.7.1 update in the coming 7-10 days. Stay tuned! Here is a quick glimpse on the improvements from V2.7.1:

  • THETA and Polygon will be supported
  • A new ‘Buy Crypto’ DApp will be added
  • Security Survey will go live in the App for better user security education
  • The NFT interface will be optimized
  • Users will be able to see if there is any hardware wallet firmware update from the App
  • Swap maintenance announcement bar will be added so that users can know if there is any maintenance going on
  • Other small improvements on UI

Which feature from the above are you looking forward to using soon? Share your comment on our weekly update tweet anytime!

Hope you enjoy this week’s update. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or Telegram for any updates and announcements!


SafePal Team

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