SafePal Weekly Update (Week 2, April 2021) 

Dear SafePal supporters,

Another amazing week has passed. This week we have witnessed the final completion of the TKO WHO campaign and a few exciting updates. Scroll down to find out!

1. TKO WHO campaign is completed. All the TKO distribution has been done.

We at SafePal would like to thank all the wonderful SafePal Supporters that joined the SafePal x TokoCrypto Wallet Holder Offering WHO Campaign. This was our 1st Wallet Holder Offering Campaign and we never expected that the turnout would be so massive. Over the course of the 10-day long campaign with Tokocrypto, the young innovative crypto project Twitter account grew by over 160,000 Followers, TokoCrypto Telegram group went from 35,000 members to 200,000 members, finally, the campaign brought in reportedly tens of thousands of KYC Indonesian crypto exchange users.

As hundreds of thousands of users, this week received their shares of TKO Token as well as SFP Tokens from the reward shares. We truly appreciate everyone that participated and supported SafePal’s 1st Wallet Holder Offering WHO Event. The SafePal Wallet Holder Offering remains a committed feature to introduce, educate, and support new innovative crypto projects with actual users’ growth and product feedback. As these are invaluable experiences that young and amazing crypto project teams need on their road to developing within the crypto industry. That is why each Wallet Holder Offering project task will be different and requires that users participate in different tasks since the purpose of Wallet Holder Offering is to educate both projects & the community.

Lastly don’t forget to try out PancakeSwap by staking your TKO along with BNB and earn CAKE Tokens

2. Credit card payment is LIVE. Now buy SafePal products using a credit card on!

A lot of you have been asking when can the credit card payment be added to the SafePal website. Through 2 months of partner selection, discussion and development, the credit card payment option is now live on our website! Now you can buy SafePal S1 hardware wallet and all the SafePal accessories using VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and more!

3. VeChain will be fully supported in the SafePal wallet. Store VET and VeChain tokens in SafePal safely and easily.

It’s almost here! Next week the VeChain Update will arrive as SafePal will fully support VET & VTHO within the SafePal wallet, meaning that you will be able to store VET and all the VeChain tokens in the SafePal S1 hardware wallet and SafePal software wallet safely and conveniently. To onboard VET and Vechain tokens, please upgrade your firmware and SafePal App when it arrives. You can upgrade the S1 firmware from here, and the SafePal App from here.

4. SafePal App officially supports Turkish, Indonesian, and Thai.

Following our Russian support on February 24, three more languages are supported in the SafePal App—Turkish, Indonesian and Thai. Till now SafePal has supported 15 languages and become one of the wallets that support the most languages in the crypto space! To onboard Turkish, Indonesian and Thai in the SafePal wallet, please update your SafePal App from

Note: Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, and Thai are not supported in the S1 hardware wallet yet. They will be added to the S1 firmware in the near future. Stay tuned!

If you find any inappropriate translation in our product, welcome to submit a ‘Product Feedback’ request on the homepage anytime!

Visit the Website & Select the Help Tab at the bottom
Select Get in touch & Leave a Message
Under the Product Tab, Select Product Feedback

Hope you like this week’s updates. As always, SafePal puts security and user experience in the top priority. We will continue to make SafePal a safer, easier, and better wallet for everyone. Stay tuned!


SafePal Team

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