SafePal Weekly Update (Week 1, June)

Dear Community,

June is shaping up to be an exciting month for the cryptocurrency industry as the largest cryptocurrency event in history is taking place in Miami this week. Hope everyone visiting Miami for the Bitcoin Conference has a good time and most importantly stay safu. We are excited and look forward to supporting all the amazing projects at the event this year. Preparing for an exciting Summer in 2021 by building a strong foundation for all our upcoming events.

1. SafePal Version 2.6.0

This week we rolled out version 2.6.0 after collecting & receiving numerous feedbacks from our wonderful community. The heavily requested changes & additions have been added to the SafePal Wallet App. We thank everyone who has downloaded and used the SafePal Wallet App. We especially like to thank those that left feedback using our new “give us feedback” tab on our website. We are constantly looking at ways of improving product usage for our community. The SafePal wallet app remains the center on which our entire ecosystem is developed on, thus we deeply appreciate ALL our customer’s feedback. Our developers and product managers are constantly reviewing your feedback so feel free to submit ways in which SafePal can improve for you. Give us your feedback!

Download the latest SafePal Wallet App HERE

2. Product Delivery

As new inventory arrives each and every day this month from our production line to the warehouse, we have already shipped out nearly 60% of all the pre-orders placed before May 13th. The result will continue to be shipped out in the coming weeks to all our pre-ordered customers. We truly apologies for the delay and inconvenience. Our team has been tirelessly tracking down new supplies of the chips necessary for production as well as packaging, labelling and delivering the pre-ordered units. Our number one priority this month is to have ALL the pre-ordered units before May 13th shipped out as soon as possible so that we can prepare for the arrival of a new batch of SafePal S1 Hardware Wallets for ALL our remaining pre-ordered customers. We promise all PRE-ORDERED units will be sent to you immediately as soon as inventory becomes available.

Our sourcing team is doing their best to ensure that in the future we will have all the necessary parts needed to produce the SafePal S1 hardware wallets in a timely manner. In the meantime, we pray that the global pandemic ends soon so that the global supply chain can recover from this devasting disaster.

3. Safety First

SafePal would like to remind the community that over the last few weeks more and more DeFi protocols have suffered from attacks. Beware of scams, FAKE support members, FAKE Airdrops, FAKE giveaways, FAKE wallet apps and FAKE websites.

Please be careful and always remember that in the crypto industry,


SafePal admins and moderators will NOT ask for your mnemonic phrase, password or your cryptos. Please do NOT give your mnemonic phrase to anyone. Not your keys, not your coins.

4. Largest Cryptocurrency Event in History

Mass adoption is coming with the arrival of PayPal offering crypto solutions this week and Square coming into the bitcoin space. I hope everyone is excited about the Bitcoin conference as we this year. A lot of wonderful new projects & ideas have been discussed at this year’s event. We at SafePal are extremely excited and look forward to supporting many of the upcoming initiatives showcased at this year’s event in Miami. We had been invited to this year’s event by our partners however due to travel restrictions we were unable to attend, however, we wish everyone at the conference a wonderful time as well as a safu trip.

SafePal and its wonderful community look forward to seeing your projects within the SafePal Wallet.

Love SafePal Team

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