SafePal Weekly Update (Week 1, July) 

Dear Community,

This week we are still working on the final testing of V2.7.1 update. Meanwhile a lot of users have received the ‘Specially for El Salvador’ version of S1 hardware wallet. Hope you like it!

1. Pre-ordered S1 hardware wallets are arriving in users’ hands

In the last two weeks, users are receiving their pre-ordered SafePal S1 hardware wallets across the world. We see a lot of joyful sharing on social media. Thank you, everyone!

2. V2.7.1 version testing is completed and will be released next week.

In our previous update, we have shared the upcoming new features on V2.7.1. For now, all the testing works have been completed and we are super excited to release it next week (still in the AppStore and GooglePlay pending process).

What’s new in V2.7.1:

  • THETA and Polygon will be supported
  • A new ‘Buy Crypto’ DApp will be added
  • Security Survey will go live in the App for better user security education
  • The NFT interface will be optimized
  • Users will be able to see if there is any hardware wallet firmware update from the App
  • Swap maintenance announcement bar will be added so that users can know if there is any maintenance going on
  • Other small improvements on UI

3. SafePal is building a new way to better engage with YOU.

Starting from July, SafePal will upgrade weekly updates to monthly updates, and create new ways to engage with all the SafePal users and fans on social media. This way helps us to focus on product development and delivery while creating more genuine engagement with every one of you.

We will test out the new engagement way from July. In the coming week, we will initiate a ‘Ask SafePal Anything’ campaign on Twitter. Everyone is welcomed to share or ask any interesting questions related to SafePal, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Our CEO Veronica will be joining Twitter Space and share her genuine feedback and answers to all the questions. Users who post questions will get a chance to win our limited swags.

Stay tuned!

Hope you enjoy this week’s update. See you at the end of July!


SafePal Team

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