SafePal Version 2.4 Update Now Live

In this new update, we are excited to announce our support for BTC Direct, a major European intermediary for the purchasing of crypto assets in Europe. SafePal app has also integrated Tron Dapps into our DApp store to further our support for the Tron Foundation. Our new hardware wallet firmware update V1.0.22 will assist our hardware wallet users in participating in this exciting Tron ecosystem.

Update Highlights

In version 2.4, SafePal App will include the following: 

  • BTC Direct Service Support
  • TRON Dapp Support
  • New Optimized Gas Fee Display for ETH, BSC, and other Transactions
  • Custom Gas Fee support for 3rd party Dapps
  • Added 30 new fiat currency unit displays

Welcome to update your App to V2.4.0 to enjoy these amazing new features!

For SafePal S1 hardware users, to use these new features, please make sure the firmware is also updated to the latest V1.0.22 (Upgrade my firmware)

BTC Direct Support

One of the largest and most reputable European cryptocurrency companies with over 400,000+ users. BTC Direct helps European customers as an intermediary that offers a gateway service to help users exchange their fiat currency into crypto assets. They support Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. This partnership makes an important milestone for SafePal in supporting European users and our rapidly growing customer base in Europe. 

TRON Dapp Support

Last month SafePal completed its support for BSC Dapps within its DApp Store, in this major update V2.4 of the SafePal App we have added support for TRON Dapps. You can now visit our Dapp store to use the latest TRON Dapps and participate in the vast TRON ecosystem such as SUN, JUST, and WINk. (Firmware Upgrade Required)

Optimized Gas Fee Display

Support for BSC, ETH and ETC custom gas fee displays has now been added, users can now adjust their own transaction gas fees for these 3 currencies and their respective tokens. 3rd party Dapps are also supported, users will no longer have to experience massive delays when performing Dapp transactions. 

New Fiat Currency Unit Display

We have recently added the support of displaying 30 new fiat currencies to be displayed in calculation. Crypto assets can now be displayed across 30 new fiat currency calculations through the settings shown below. We have added 

  • AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham)
  • ARS (Argentine Peso)
  • BGN (Bulgarian Lev)
  • BSD (Bahamian Dollar)
  • COP (Colombian Peso)
  • CZK (Czech Koruna)
  • DOP (Dominican Peso)
  • EGP (Egyptian Pound)
  • FJD (Fijian Dollar)
  • GTQ (Guatemalan Quetzal)
  • HRK (Croatian Kuna)
  • HUF (Hungarian Forint)
  • IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
  • ILS (Israeli New Shekel)
  • KZT (Kazakhstani Tenge)
  • MVR (Maldivian Rufiyaa)
  • MXN (Mexican Peso)
  • MYR (Malaysian Ringgit)
  • NOK (Norwegian Krone)
  • PAB (Panamanian Balboa)
  • PEN (Peru Sol)
  • PHP (Philippine Peso)
  • PKR (Pakistani Rupee)
  • PYG (Paraguayan Guarani)
  • RON (Romanian Leu)
  • SAR (Saudi Riyal)
  • TRY (Turkish Lira)
  • UAH (Ukrainian Hryvnia)
  • UYU (Uruguayan Peso)
  • ZAR (South African Rand)

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