SafePal Version 2.3 Update Now Live

As November rolls in and bitcoin prices continue to soar, the SafePal team has been hard at work bringing you new exciting updates within the App. Lots has happened so far within the first week of November, aside from the US Presidential Election. ETH 2.0 was announced, bitcoin reached over 15,000 and the NFT market is on fire.

Update Highlights

In version 2.3, SafePal App will include the following: 

  • Flare Network Spark Token Claim Dapp
  • ETH Transaction Optimizer
  • NFT Storage And Transaction Support
  • Swap Shortcut Feature

Welcome to update your App to V2.3.0 to enjoy these amazing new features!

For SafePal S1 hardware users, to use these new features, please make sure the firmware is also updated to the latest V1.0.21(Upgrade my firmware)

Flare Network Spark Token Claim

Register to Claim your Spark Token

It has finally arrived with the Version 2.3 Update XRP holders can now register to claim Spark token within the SafePal App. Follow this guide

ETH Transaction Optimizer

Accelerate or Cancel your ETH transactions

Due to the popularity within the DeFi space many users have been experiencing ETH/Gas transaction delays due to slow transaction speed and bottlenecks created by past transactions clogging the chain. With this new update users can now adjust ETH transactions by cancelling previous transactions as well as accelerating slow transactions. Check out this guide for more information 

NFT Support

SafePal has integrated NFT storage and transaction, Wallet users can now securely store their NFT collection within SafePal as well as perform transactions with their NFT. Currently, in version 2.3 SafePal will support ERC-721 ERC-1155 and BSC.

NFT artwork donated by @DaniellaDoodles (Twitter)

Swap Shortcut Feature

Swap Any Coin or Token including the popular BNB BEP20

Ever found yourself needing to transfer a token to another location to participate in a popular LP but did not have the right version of the token? With the new 2.3 update users can now swap tokens across any supported networks in the most convenient way.

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