How To Use BakerySwap In The SafePal Wallet

SafePal in light of the recent update has supported BakerySwap support for our SafePal App which can be downloaded here. The recent incorporation of BakerySwap within the SafePal App allows users to take part in the ever growing Binance Smart Chain development which is radically changing the DeFi space. 

BakerySwap Dapp currently offers 5 features:

  • Exchange
  • Earning
  • Combo
  • NFT Supermarket
  • Launchpad
  • Voting (Not Supported yet) 

Step 1: SafePal App

Download the SafePal App

Step 2: SafePal Software Wallet

Create and set up a SafePal Software Wallet via this link

Step 3: How to use BakerySwap Dapp

Select BakerySwap Dapp in the SafePal Dapp store via the highlighted red box in the image shown below.

How to connect SafePal Wallet to BakerySwap

Step 1: Balance Add BNB BEP20 Coin

Step 2: Visit the DApp Store and select Bakery Swap

Step 3: BakerySwap will have automatically connected to your SafePal Wallet

How to use BakerySwap Exchange

As an example, an exchange between BNB and BAKE will be shown below

Using 0.404467 BNB we will exchange for 451.231 BAKE

Step 1

Select the Exchange tab marked by the highlighted red box

Step 2

Enter the amount of BNB you wish to exchange and click SWAP

Step 3

Confirm the above information and select Confirm Swap to proceed to the next step

Step 4

Now we must sign the transaction in order to approve it

Step 5

Once you have signed the transaction, you can now Close this message.

At the top you will see a transaction pending.

Step 6

Selecting this pending transaction will open up your wallet details in which you can use the bsc scanner to track the transaction. BSC is quite fast therefore most transactions are almost instant.

Step 7

The above message will appear when your transaction has been completed.

You can now check the home tab at the top to confirm the new balance.

Now we will see the new 451 BAKE within our balance. 

How to connect to BakerySwap using Desktop

Step 1

Visit the BakerySwap Website

Select Connect Wallet and choose Wallet Connect

Step 2

Scan the QR Code using the SafePal App

The following page will appear on your SafePal App once you scan the QR code

Select the Wallet that you wish to connect

Now your SafePal Wallet will have been connected to BakerySwap via their website.

How to mint BSC NFT on BakerySwap

Step 1

Connect your SafePal Wallet to Bakeryswap via the BakerySwap Website using Wallet Connect mentioned in the steps above.

Note: Please ensure that on your SafePal app the follow message is displayed to ensure that your SafePal Wallet app has been successfully connected to your wallet via Wallet Connect.

If you do not see the above message in your SafePal App, simply visit the BakerySwap Website and disconnect your Wallet, and re-scan the QR code again using your SafePal App.

Step 2

On the BakerySwap Website, select NFT Supermarket followed by the Mint Artwork tab shown below.

Step 3

Fill out the information below and select mint the BakerySwap team will review your submission for approval.

Step 4

After selecting Mint, your SafePal Wallet App will be displayed the following message on your mobile device requesting for you to sign the approval of this NFT Mint transaction.

Step 5

After you confirm the above transaction and enter your security password within the SafePal App. The NFT will have been minted and sent in for review by the BakerySwap Team.

You can check your NFT submission within the My Artworks tab

Select Pending to see your BSC NFTs that are currently under review by the BakerySwap Team.


The information represented below in the pictures, texts, charts and graphs provided within are for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as financial advice or legal advice when making any purchase decisions or investments. 

Please consult your own advisors with regards to financial advice.

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