SafePal Introduces Wallet Holder Offering (WHO)

SafePal is excited to introduce Wallet Holder Offering (WHO), an innovative airdrop mechanism that provides SafePal users the first token reward allocation system of its kind. Wallet Holder Offering (WHO) is designed to reward SafePal software and hardware wallet users by providing access to the airdrop tokens from SafePal ecological partners in a secure, decentralized and user-friendly way. To qualify SafePal Wallet users must have SFP token within their SafePal wallets, the amount of required SFP tokens will vary depending on the circumstances of the offering, such as reward allocation, tasks and timeline.

Why Should I Join SafePal WHO?

Airdrop campaigns are plagued with inefficiencies and remain a hot debate even to this date. Past airdrops easily resulted in unfair distribution of tokens towards whales or cheaters, failing the legitimate users who actually use and support the projects. 

At SafePal, we value users and community the most. Users who care, use and support SafePal like you are the most targeted group of people that we want to especially reward and show our gratitude. As SafePal continues to build ecological partnerships with the quality projects in the crypto space, the partnerships will also bring exclusive rewards and airdrops to the community. And we want to make sure the rewards are placed in the right hands—your hands. 

SafePal Wallet Holder Offering (WHO) works as a bridge for SafePal users to learn and engage in great projects as well as for blockchain projects to gain valuable community feedback within a large and active user base. The goal is to help real users to earn rewards safely and fairly via the following:

Earn Via Learn: Users will be rewarded through learning and using new exciting crypto projects. Cheaters or fake accounts are not welcome. 

Simple and Easy: You get rewards by using the product. No complex rules. Rewards are sent straight to your SafePal wallet.

Secure and Fair: Airdrops are often used by scammers to prey on crypto users through private key scams, send me crypto for airdrop scams. We want to provide a secure environment within the SafePal App to allow participants to engage in airdrops without fear of the above issues.

How To Participate

The participation rules vary depending on the circumstances of the offering, such as reward allocation, tasks and timeline. There will be two partners joining the WHO very soon. Here are a few useful tips to get you prepared with the upcoming campaigns:

  1. Download the SafePal App
  2. Create a Wallet: Follow this tutorial link to create a SafePal software wallet
  3. Ensure that your Wallet Balance has sufficient SFP Tokens depending on each WHO campaign requirements

Benefits Of WHO For Blockchain Projects

For participating projects, Wallet Holder Offering (WHO) represents a great way for the immediate user base, real engagement in product usage and feedback, reduction in large capital expenditure towards marketing funnels thus allowing quality project teams to focus on product development. 

Using the best methodologies in crypto airdrop models to achieve the greatest performance for new crypto projects. Blending standard, bounty, holder and exclusive airdrop models into one via the SafePal Wallet Holder Offering. The goal is to help quality crypto projects achieve their growth metrics via the following:

Generate awareness and develop a strong social following

– Young projects lack user awareness as well as a secure platform to store their new project coin/token

– Access and acquire legitimate users rather than front runners and airdrop botters as all participating users will have had to complete a SFP holding task as well as in the future a SafePal hardware wallet 

– SafePal is a gateway for crypto activities with over 750,000+ users (and still growing fast)

– Reduce external marketing funnels, middleman and expenses by connecting directly to your user base

– Grow your social media accounts with legitimate users, establishing a direct method of communication towards your audience

Engage and educate users about your project

– Early adopters will receive project token thus align the interest and value of the coin/token

– Most importantly tasks that will be assigned in the WHO are meant for educational purposes, to educate users on how to use project tools, platforms and ecosystems. In return rewarding the users thud driving real product utility, usage and higher quality of supporters

– SafePal has developed a mechanism to improve the identification of real users and participants rather than bots allowing projects to engage with actual users

– As hardware wallets represent one of the most secure crypto asset storage solution in the industry, supporters will feel safe knowing that their coins and tokens can be HODL 

Reward and align user interest in your project

– Develop appreciation and loyalty for the project

– Direct integration with SafePal ecosystem will blend project utility into the SafePal App allowing users to convenient participate aligning with user interest

– Rewarding the community through actual product usage will develop a deeper value of the token as more user interests are generated

Wide and fair distribution of tokens

– Prevent whales from taking over projects before they get a chance to truly develop 

– Fair distribution to real participants while disqualifying botters and front runners

– Helping projects reach their targeted growth metrics in a fair and transparent way

– Spread project token all across the world to the 100+ countries that SafePal users exist in

If you are interested in partnering with SafePal in the WHO event, please contact us at 


SafePal reserves the right to disqualify all suspected participants that are botting, front running, or exploiting the Wallet Holder Offering (WHO) mechanism without appeal. Investors also should be mindful that what has been described above surrounding Wallet Holder Offering (WHO) does not represent financial advice. 

Risk Warning

Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. SafePal will make the best efforts to select high-quality partners for WHO, but will not be responsible for your investment losses. Thanks for your support!

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