SafePal App V1.9.0 is alive

Dear SafePal friends,

The last month has been an exciting and hard-working period with intense research and development of the whole team. We are thrilled to share with you that the SafePal AppV1.9.0 has been released(Download here)! This is another milestone since the release of the SafePal software wallet on May 11th. In this version, we have Swap feature, address book feature, and a series of interface iterations such as BTC public key export and asset display improvements all on-board in V1.9.0.

Welcome to update your SafePal App to the latest V1.9.0 from here. Any suggestion, feedback, and comment is welcome to share on our Twitter and Telegram. Thank you!

What’s new in SafePal App V1.9.0

1. Swap feature – Swap token without leaving the wallet

The swap feature is the most important function added in V1.9.0. It means that you don’t need to move your crypto out of the wallet to other third-party exchanges or swap service providers in order to swap tokens. All the swap interfaces are done INSIDE the SafePal App! The default swap pairs cover all the mainstream currencies including BTC, ETH, BNB, EOS, USDT and XLM. You can view the full list in the SafePal App. Try it out now!

Swap interface in the SafePal App

2. Address book – Manage regular addresses at ease

Find it too cumbersome to copy and paste the address all the time? Now it’s easier in V1.9.0! We built the address book feature inside SafePal App to enable simple and easy address management. You can add new contacts, addresses, remarks, and memos in the wallet as you like! Once a new address is added, it will be available across all your wallet accounts managed in the SafePal App. Next time when you need to send crypto, just open the address book and click on the address you are looking for. It’s that simple!

*Please note that the address information is stored in the local environment of your mobile devices. Once the App is deleted, the address book information will be deleted as well.

3. Public key export – Available for BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, and DOGE

This feature is especially useful for advanced crypto users, who would like to use a third-party tool to monitor all the wallet addresses under the same public key. SafePal V1.9.0 now enables you to export the public key of BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, and DOGE without compromising the wallet security.

4. Receive crypto under observation mode

Observation mode is a feature added from V1.8.0. In this new V1.9.0 version, you can not only monitor the wallet data under observation mode but also receive crypto just in one click! This is making the observation mode much easier, especially for paper wallet users. Try it out and let us know if you like it.

5. Improvements on multiple interfaces – Making crypto easier

In this version, we have improved the display details on multiple pages including the Asset page, Wallet info page, and Token List page. All of the improvements aim to provide simpler and easier user experiences for every SafePal user.

6. Simplification of UI/UX – Less is more

To build intuitive product user experience, it is important to keep the essence of the functionality and cut-off redundant and complex UI/UX. In V1.9.0, we shorten the steps of wallet input. After inputting a wallet, all tokens and balance in this wallet will be automatically synced and displayed in the wallet. You don’t need to do it manually anymore. The Scan button at the right upper corner of Asset is also upgraded with the capability to recognize the address and the transfer amount. When you need to send crypto to your friend, you can scan his/her QRcode address and the App will fill in the address and amount for you.

[About SafePal]

SafePal aims to make crypto secure and simple for everyone. It is the first hardware wallet invested by Binance, and now provides SafePal S1 hardware and SafePal software wallet for users to secure, manage, buy, swap, and trade crypto conveniently. SafePal has now supported 19 blockchains and more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, LTC, and BNB. Find out more about SafePal at

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