SafePal 2021 Recap & CEO’s Letter

Dear SafePal community,

2021 is a magical year for the crypto communities, with all of us witnessing the substantial growth of the blockchain ecosystem. Defi continues to explode with TVL refreshing all-time-high every day. Bitcoin has become the legal tender in El Salvador and has been gaining wider adoption among mainstream investment funds and traditional financial institutions. New blockchains like Solana, Terra, and Avalanche are leading new rising trends in DeFi and GameFi. Crypto users have grown into 80 million and are still growing rapidly. All of us are excited to see the positive changes in the crypto space and the bright future of 2022.

2021 is also a splendid year for SafePal. Beginning with the launch of the $SFP token, we’ve seen exponential growth in user base, community, sales network, and product offerings throughout the journey. This letter is to recap the adventurous journey of SafePal in 2021 and share the wonderful moments we’ve experienced together throughout the year. 

Part I  The Substantial Growth of SafePal in All Aspects 

In 2021, SafePal has grown exponentially in many different aspects. The following picture shows the highlights of the SafePal growth in user base, community, sales networks and more.

Till this moment, SafePal has built comprehensive service offerings spanning security, swap, trade, yield, and token incentives. We feel excited about the achievements made and are encouraged to move faster toward the goal of helping users to secure and grow crypto assets.

Part II  SafePal Milestones in 2021

The following picture gives us a glance at all the major milestones of SafePal in 2021. Regardless of the everchanging trends in the crypto space, our focus remains the same. SafePal always aims to provide the best asset management tool for users to secure and grow their crypto assets 

January 1  $SFP, the SafePal utility token was launched

On January 1, $SFP was launched, acting as the core fuel of the substantial growth of SafePal in 2021. At the same time, we have launched two massive $SFP airdrop campaigns to reward our historical users and early supporters. It only took $SFP a month to be listed as the first launchpad project in 2021 on the biggest crypto exchange on the planet—Binance. Till this moment, $SFP has been listed on 31 exchanges as displayed below. $SFP holders can enjoy exclusive WHO and Giftbox campaigns launched in SafePal, and full access to the exclusive yielding programs in SafePal Earn. We will continue to design and enrich the utilities of $SFP by binding it closely with the product and service offerings.

March 16  Wallet Holdering Offering (WHO), was introduced

WHO, short for Wallet Holder Offering, is an exclusive airdrop program designed for user education and incentives. By partnering with emerging projects in different niche market segments such as DeFi, GameFi, NFT and more, WHO provides a bridge for users to earn early-stage core incentives through learning and using the products, while the WHO partners manage to collect genuine user feedback and engage with the large and active user base.

Starting from March, till now we have launched 5 WHO campaigns, dropping a total value of $40,134,359.04 based on ATH price to the SafePal community, with the average value captured per user reaching $2,365.43. In 2022, we hope to bring more exciting WHO campaigns to the community.

October 21  SafePal Earn, a yields aggregator, went live

SafePal Earn is one of the key service offerings surrounding the goal of providing convenient asset management and growth tool to the users. It acts as a cross-chain yield aggregator and aims to provide a safe and convenient way for users to yield from their crypto holdings.

The highlight of SafePal Earn includes:

  • Integrating with protocols from different blockchains in one place
  • Stake assets and start yielding from different protocols without actually opening a DApp
  • $SFP holders enjoy higher APY from the selective programs
  • Exclusive yielding pools from SafePal strategic partners

Coming next there will be more cross-chain yielding programs listed in SafePal Earn. Stay tuned!

December 14  Giftbox, a task-based airdrop center, was introduced

Giftbox is a ‘Learn and Earn’ airdrop center built within the SafePal App where users can claim exclusive airdrops from the partners of SafePal through completing tasks and engaging with the projects on social media. Through Giftbox users learn how to use the newest products in the crypto space, meanwhile, earn rewards through the learning process.

Till now, Giftbox has introduced 10 campaigns, partners with projects in DeFi, NFT, GameFi segments. The total airdrop amount reaches $724,300.73 based on ATH price, with the total participant exceeding $156.41 based on ATH price and the total social impression exceeding 2 million. There will be many more Giftbox campaigns coming on the way. Looking forward to it!

Til November  13 blockchains are added to SafePal

Supporting more asset categories has always been a major part of the roadmap. This year we have supported 13 blockchains and their ecosystem so that users can store and manage a wider range of assets safely and easily. A full list of the supported assets of SafePal can be found here.

2021  Fruitful partnerships throughout the year

Through the entire year, SafePal has built robust partnerships with our ecological partners in different levels including product, services, marketing, and social engagement. We feel deeply honored to work with these partners to bring the best products and services to the SafePal community. Thank you!

Part III  Acknowledgements

We feel humble with all of the exciting moments and fruitful achievements in 2021, as they can’t be done without continuous support from our users, communities, and partners.

On behalf of the whole SafePal team, I’d like to express genuine gratitude to every user supporting SafePal through the journey. Thank you for using our product and providing genuine feedback to help us improve. Thank you for every positive comment on social media and in the communities, and your patience and understanding when we are still perfecting our product stability, compatibility, and user experience.

We’d like to also give special thanks to our partners, not only blockchain and crypto partners but also our sales partners global wide. Thank you for bringing the best products and services to the SafePal community and joining us as part of the success of the SafePal brand. We look forward to a deeper connection with each of our partners to bring more fruitful outcomes in the coming 2022.

Thank you for reading this letter and sharing the exciting moments with us. We wish you the happiest new year and the brightest 2022 coming ahead. Hope you and your families stay healthy and safe against the pandemic.

Happy new year!

Best regards,


CEO of SafePal

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