Kryptoskatt Partnership: Crypto Tax Integration

Dear SafePal Community,

SafePal proudly announces our latest integration with Kryptoskatt, allowing users to easily complete cryptocurrency tax calculations, reporting, and portfolio management in the SafePal app and browser extension.

With the integration of Kryptoskatt, SafePal users now have access to the popular portfolio tracking and crypto tax software for over 2000+ DeFi protocols, 100+ exchanges and wallets, and 50+ blockchains. Please refer to the video guide here on how to do so. 

The tax calculations are based on the public on-chain transaction history based on the user’s selected public wallet address and region that is inputted (there is no KYC required). Payment details are not shared with Kryptoskatt and are processed via an established payment provider (Stripe). SafePal also does not store or have access to any private user information.

Crypto taxes can be time consuming and challenging to accurately calculate for users on their own, due to the developing nature of laws around cryptocurrency taxation. SafePal’s partnership with Kryptoskatt allows users to generate crypto tax reports that comply with their local country laws in a few steps while getting full portfolio insights.

As the cryptocurrency industry matures and new standards for state-by-state cryptocurrency usage emerge, SafePal will continue striving to offer easy solutions for our community to adapt to these changes.

About Kryptoskatt

Kryptoskatt is a global crypto tax compliance software that simplifies Web3 finance for clients around the world. It is backed by Binance Labs and Labs, two of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Kryptoskatt offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that include accounting, portfolio management, and tax reporting. It supports over 2000+ DeFi protocols, 100+ exchanges and wallets, and 50+ blockchains. This makes it the one-stop-shop for all Web3 finance needs.

About SafePal 

SafePal is a comprehensive crypto wallet suite providing hardware wallet, mobile app, and browser extension wallet solutions. As a non-custodial wallet suite, SafePal aims to allow users to own their crypto adventure by empowering them to access opportunities securely in the decentralized world. 

The SafePal platform serves more than 10 million users across the globe and supports 15 languages and 100+ blockchains with their tokens and NFTs. It also encompasses crypto asset management solutions like cross-chain swapping, trading, and yielding tools for users.

SFP is a decentralized BEP-20 and ERC-20 utility token and the growth engine of the SafePal ecosystem and can be used to purchase SafePal products at a discount, converted seamlessly to gas across chains in the app, in addition to rewarding token holders and education programs. 
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