How to Claim Flare Network FLR Token via SafePal

SafePal x Flare Network FLR Claim Guide

After weeks of development, the toolkit to claim your FLR Token has finally arrived. Users of the SafePal Wallet App which can be downloaded here 

With the release of SafePal App Version 2.3 FLR Claim within the SafePal App has finally arrived. SafePal is excited to be listed as an official wallet supporting the Flare Network both its Mainnet as well as the FLR Token claim.

Using the tool kit within the SafePal App users can register their XRP to claim the FLR Token airdrop which is scheduled to be released in the future. 

Follow the Guide below to register your XRP to qualify for the FLR token claim

Important note: If you are a SafePal hardware wallet user, please upgrade your hardware wallet firmware to the latest V1.0.21 in order to support the claim. Check how to upgrade firmware from here.

How to claim FLR Token via the SafePal App

Step 1

Download the SafePal App.

Step 2

Create a wallet and setup a SafePal Software Wallet via this link

Step 3

Go to the Dapp store and select the Claim FLR Dapp

SafePal Flare Claim Dpp

Step 4

Pair your XRP account and check to ensure that the ETH and XRP addresses are indeed correct. Make sure the desired amount of XRP within your XRP address actually exists and that you have not paired an empty XRP address.

Unpaired XRP account

Step 5

Enter your SafePal app security password and sign the transaction to approve the pairing of your XRP address to register for the FLR token airdrop

Enter SafePal Security Password

Note: Hardware Wallet

For users of the SafePal Hardware Wallet that are securely storing their XRP, as usually you will need your hardware wallet to sign off on the transaction to ensure the highest level of crypto asset security. Take out your SafePal S1 hardware wallet and scan the QR code below to approve this transaction. 

Scan the QR Code using the SafePal Hardware Wallet

Note: Software Wallet

If you are using the SafePal Software Wallet, below is the signing page

Approved the transaction via SafePal Software Wallet

Step 6

Once the transaction has been signed and approved the status will change from red to green and be labeled as Paired

Status will change green into Paired

Congratulations you have successfully paired your XRP account for the FLR Token airdrop.

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Is the 20 XRP activation deposit counted for the airdrop?

Yes it is counted.

2. Can I move out my XRP after I pair the accounts?

Yes, but please note that your XRP balance on the snapshot date determines how many FLR you’re eligible to receive. Make sure to move your XRP to your paired XRP account before the snapshot.

3. Can I use the FLR after it is distributed to my Flare address?

You will have to wait for the launch of Flare mainnet, before you will be able to access your FLR. This is subject to final confirmation from the Flare team.

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