SafePal Officially Supports Flare ($FLR)

Hello SafePal Community,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the integration of Flare Network into SafePal Wallet. Flare (FLR) will be fully compatible with SafePal Software and Hardware wallets. 

The SafePal Hardware and Software Wallet now supports Flare and FLR Dapps. It will also be the first Hardware Wallet to offer native delegation and Flare staking functionality (this feature will be live with the upcoming release of V3.8.0, stay tuned for more updates!). 

The FLR token distribution event took place on January 9, and you are now able to securely manage your FLR tokens with your SafePal wallet. Later in the year, SafePal Extension wallet support will also be available. 

About Flare

Flare is an EVM-based Layer 1 blockchain designed to allow developers to build applications that are interoperable with blockchains and the internet. By providing decentralized access to high integrity data, Flare enables new use cases and monetisation models.

Flare’s State Connector protocols enable information, both from other blockchains and the internet to be used securely, scalably with smart contracts on Flare.The Flare Time Series Oracle delivers highly decentralized price and data feeds to Dapps on Flare, without relying on centralized providers.

Build on Flare with more data than ever before or build with Flare to serve multiple ecosystems.

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SafePal Wallet: Where you can secure Flare Assets

SafePal offers three decentralized wallet solutions that help crypto users manage, swap, trade, and secure their cryptocurrency assets. All three types of wallets can be interconnected, allowing users to explore the web3 world the way they like.

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Mobile Software Wallet

The SafePal mobile software wallet is a free application that users can download on Android and Apple IOS. The wallet allows users to securely manage, trade, and swap their favorite cryptocurrencies on the go, in addition to exploring the DeFi world in the most convenient manner. 

How to Set Up a SafePal Software Wallet

S1 Hardware Wallet

The SafePal S1 hardware wallet is an electronic device that helps protect users’ private keys, providing cryptocurrency protection by keeping your private key secured offline. This eliminates online attack vectors and safeguards against individuals with malicious intent to steal your cryptocurrency assets.

Learn More About The SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet Here

About SafePal 

Founded in 2018, SafePal offers a complete suite of secure crypto management solutions such as cross-chain swapping, trading and yielding tools for seasoned crypto veterans and newcomers. 

SafePal now serves more than 7million users across the globe  and supports 15 languages, 54 blockchains with their tokens and NFTs through its unique hardware wallets, software wallets, and browser extension wallet product lines. These are paired and managed through the SafePal App.The SafePal S1 is also the first and only hardware wallet to receive strategic investment in 2018 by Binance Labs, the venture arm of Binance. 

SFP is a decentralised BEP-20 utility token serving as the growth engine of the SafePal ecosystem, and can be used to purchase SafePal products at a discount, converted seamlessly to gas across chains in their app, in addition to rewarding token holders and education programs.In the long term, SafePal aims to empower investors toward financial opportunity and freedom in the decentralized world. 

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