The SafePal x Cellula Wallet Holder Offering Results

Dear SafePal community,

Thank you for participating in the Wallet Holder Offering (WHO) campaign launched with on-chain game Cellula on 4th June 2024. The campaign with Cellula has been extremely successful, and we thank all participants for the overwhelming support.

All 70,000 users completed the main tasks of claiming and charging a BitLife within 3 days, and the turnout for the event was amazing as participants got to explore and learn about the Cellula ecosystem.

For those that did not manage to make it into the 70,000 WHO campaign slots, there is a different opportunity offered by Cellula for 30,000 users to mint BItLifes to explore the ecosystem of the on-chain game. This opportunity is separate from the WHO campaign and will not have a share of the WHO reward pool. Interested users can refer to the details and guide here for more information on the 30,000 BitLifes.

Congratulations to all those who managed to participate successfully in the first SafePal WHO campaign of 2024, and here is the breakdown of the results:

Recap of Result Calculation Formula:

For the WHO campaign, the total reward pool is designed to scale as more participants entered, with the max reward pool of 2.4M CELL token allocation being provided when 70,000 eligible participants completed the required main tasks with the following breakdown:

  1. Total participants reach 10,000: 310,000 CELL Reward Pool
  2. Total participants reach 20,000: 630,000 CELL Reward Pool
  3. Total participants reach 30,000: 960,000 CELL Reward Pool
  4. Total participants reach 40,000: 1.3 million CELL Reward Pool
  5. Total participants reach 50,000: 1.65 million CELL Reward Pool
  6. Total participants reach 60,000: 2.01 million CELL Reward Pool
  7. Total participants reach 70,000: 2.4 million CELL Reward Pool

Calculation of shares:

For the Cellula WHO campaign, participants were able to earn shares from completing various tasks in addition to the main tasks which ranged from referring others, verifying their socials, and more.

Note: As stated in the previous blog post, participants have to complete the main tasks (Claiming AND charging a BItLife) to be eligible.

After tabulating all the results, here are the total number of shares achieved by all 70,000 eligible participants: 1170486.7

The following section will show participants how to calculate their individual allocations.


Each Participant’s CELL Reward = [2,400,000 CELL / Number Of Total Shares Completed ] * Number Of Shares Obtained By Each Participant

Calculation of CELL allocation per share

1. Total Shares Completed: 1170486.7 Shares
2. Reward Per Share = 2,400,000 CELL /1170486.7 Shares = 2.050429 CELL Tokens Per Share

As shown in the screenshot below, users will be able to see their individual CELL allocations based on the shares obtained based on the calculation formula and details

What’s Next (Important)

1. Checking $CELL allocation on Cellula’s website and preparing for TGE

a) Visit the official Cellula home page:
b) Connect to the site with the SafePal wallet used to join the Cellula WHO campaign
c) Click on the Treasure Box next to the spaceship to confirm the $CELL tokens you have generated from the Cellula X SafePal WHO event.

d) After opening the Treasure Box, click “Next” to check your CELL token allocation shown on the page, and click “confirm” to go back to the homepage. ( The token allocation should now be reflected on the top of the homepage). 

e) At the top right corner of the homepage, you can view the total amount of tokens you will be receiving during TGE. 

Please note that it is necessary to complete the “Open Treasure Box” action on the Cellula website before 30th June 2024,  23:59 UTC+0  in order to claim the CELL tokens during the TGE.

2. Cellula TGE: 

Cellula is aiming to hold the Token Generation Event (TGE) in Q3 of 2024, but no later than Q4. Latest announcements for the finalized TGE and listing timings will be shared on the official Cellula channels. The WHO CELL tokens airdrop reward can be claimed by qualified participants’ BNB Chain addresses on Cellula official website then,

Thank you to everyone for participating in the SafePal Wallet Holder Offering. We would also like to thank Cellula for being a Wallet Holder Offering (WHO) Partner

This was an amazing campaign and the SafePal team truly appreciates everyone’s support. We look forward to improving subsequent campaigns and wallet offerings to continue providing the best user experience and security.


SafePal and Cellula reserves all interpretation rights for this event. SafePal reserves the right to disqualify participants that are deemed to be spammers or illegally bulk-registered accounts, as well as activities that display attributes of exploitation or market manipulation.
SafePal reserves the right to cancel or amend any activity or activity rules at our sole discretion.

Not Investment Advice

This activity does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the article’s content as such. SafePal does not recommend that any cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held by you. 
Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risks. Please invest cautiously. SafePal will not be responsible for any investment losses. SafePal will not be liable whatsoever for any direct or consequential loss arising from the participation of its activities. 
Do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.


The appearance of a third party on SafePal and its activities does not constitute an endorsement, guarantee, warranty, or recommendation by SafePal. 
Do conduct your own due diligence before deciding to invest in any third-party projects or use any third-party services.

About SafePal:

Founded in 2018, SafePal is a comprehensive crypto wallet suite backed by industry leaders such as  Animoca Brands, Binance and Superscrypt. SafePal empowers users to own their crypto adventure by accessing opportunities securely in the decentralized world via its hardware wallet, mobile app, and browser extension wallet solutions.

The SafePal platform serves over 13 million users globally across 200+ regions and countries, supporting 15 languages, 100+ blockchains with their tokens and NFTs. It also encompasses crypto asset management solutions like cross-chain swapping, trading and yielding tools, and even a CeDeFi banking gateway and Visa card for users.

SFP is a decentralized BEP-20 and ERC-20 utility token serving as the growth engine of the SafePal ecosystem, and can be used to purchase SafePal products at a discount, converted seamlessly to gas across chains in the app, in addition to rewarding token holders and education programs.

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