Announcement of The SFP Airdrop Campaign

Dear SafePal Users,

The first day of 2021 has proven to be extraordinary. The launch of the SFP token was a huge success, and we appreciate everyone joining this event to celebrate the special moment.

Thanks to your strong support, all of the reward pools have reached the claim limit and thus have been closed. Please stay tuned with our latest new pools coming next by following us on Twitter and Telegram.

Important Notes:

1. We have detected a massive bot army and cheaters’ accounts. Please note that SafePal reserves the right to disqualify claims that are deemed to be wash bots or from illegally bulk registered accounts, self-claiming, etc. Wash cheaters will be disqualified.

2. Please be aware of scammers and do NOT give your seed to anyone.

3. For product inquiries, please email [email protected]

What happens if I still don’t receive my SFP after successful reference to my friends?

Right now the team is working on the bot account disqualification. We want to make sure that ONLY legitimate users are able to claim the tokens. For those legitimate users who have successfully invited friends and completed the requested task, please rest assured that all data is recorded in the back-end already. The team will gradually credit the tokens to your account after the bot accounts are removed. This might take a few days since the participants are massive. We deeply appreciate your patience.

I just ordered a SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet. Can I still claim my 300SFP?

Part of the orders has exceeded the total amount of hardware wallets allocated to the token reward pool, and thus are not qualified for the token claim. Unfortunately, some may not be able to claim the token rewards. The SafePal sales team is processing the orders right now. Users who are unfortunately not able to get the token rewards will be notified in the coming 5-7 days. Please wait for further notifications from the official [email protected]

Will there be new SFP claim tasks coming next??

Yes. There will be a second phase of the SFP airdrop to the communities, including the current hardware wallet rewards. Details are under internal discussion. The concrete timeline will be announced through our Twitter and Telegram once we are ready. Please stay tuned with patience.

Wish you the best 2021 and enjoy a nice weekend coming ahead!

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SafePal Team

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