[AMA Recap] AMA Section with Ziggyverse in SafePal Community

On September 2nd, 2022, we are glad that our community has a Discord AMA with Ziggyverse. Thank you @Ares_Ziggy for providing exciting information about Ziggyverse and patiently answering the user questions. Thanks to all the participants, congratulations to the 5 winners of this AMA, looking forward to seeing you all at our next AMA event.

In case you missed this AMA, you can find the full recap here.

🎤FIRST SEGMENT: Fireside Chat🎤

A: Ares
I: Ivy

I: Hello @everyone! Let’s welcome @Ares_Ziggy from Ziggyverse!! Thanks for being here! Before we start, can you please tell us about yourself?

A: Hey everyone – it’s great to be here! Thanks @Ivy_SafePal for having me
I’m Ares, lead growth/[email protected]! Working on getting our game and NFTs out there to as many players and people as possible!

I: We’re so excited to have you here and learn about the Ziggyverse! Let’s go to the first segment!
Q1: Please tell the community about the Ziggyverse and its mechanics.

A: So, Ziggyverse is a P2E game building on the Moonpot Ecosystem!
It is a competitive monster battle Arena, where users can earn BNB, POTS, Stablecoins and NFTs. Ziggyverse has an in-game guild mechanic which allows you to rent out your team to scholars and collect rewards. The battles are 1v1, with your team of 3 Ziggymon fighting your adversaries!
Here is an sneak peek at the lobby in-game where you’ll be able to view your team before jumping into battle: https://twitter.com/ziggyverse/status/1559527460143697920
There is wagered matchmaking (for $POTS) alongside Ranked matchmaking! Leaderboard rewards will be provided to those top players!

I: That’s cool!
You definitely give us a general picture of the Ziggyverse. We are sure that there is something making Ziggyverse stand out from the other projects.
Q2: So, how do you differentiate Ziggyverse from them?

A: Great question, so Ziggyverse has a unique economy that isn’t based on inflationary token emissions!
Commonly, P2E games launch their own tokens and rely on emissions to reward users, our users are rewarded from platform revenue with the game having many similarities to web2 games with the perfect blend of web3.
Meaning players will be rewarded in BNB, stable coins (BUSD for example) & NFTs! ($POTS token can be earnt through our wagered matchmaking mode!)
Our NFTs are also deflationary which allows even token speculators to enjoy this collection. Additionally there is a direct path from player to guild manager, enabling users to go from just playing the game, to earning Ziggyverse NFTs and growing an empire allowing them to sit back and enjoy rewards passively.

I: That’s awesome!
Q3: Do you guys have any partners? How do you benefit from them?

A: We have many partners! One of which being Beefy Finance whose team helps us build our smart contracts and work on the project directly with us.
We also have official partners such as Project Galaxy, Apeswap, Alpaca Finance, Safepal, Rareboard and Pxielsweeper.
We have a comic book with all of these partners which you can find here: https://ziggyverse.com/. (Take a look around for the stack of comics )
Our NFT partners provide us additional exposure and support, as we provide for these partners too! Beneficial for all parties.
A more complete list of partners can be found here: https://twitter.com/ziggyverse/status/1565014685769875456
And of course https://moonpot.com/, which we’re building on!

I: Great partnerships, looking forward to seeing some new collaborations coming up!
Q4: Can you give some info about the roadmap

A: Yes for sure! I’ll drop this image here:

We’re currently at the phase of the Genesis Ziggy – currently minting. Moving forward – we’ll be focusing heavily on marketing of the game itself. The game is being worked on by https://whimsygames.co/, and is set to be released towards the end of Q4 this year!
Plenty of upcoming milestones we’re so excited to reach, as well as an upcoming MYSTERY EVENT, which sadly, I cannot speak about since it’s a mystery
Gotta keep your eyes peeled for what’s coming up for sure! haha

I: Feel like we should also expect some major announcements soon.

A: Definitely!

I: Q5: Where do you see the Ziggyverse in 5 years? Can you share your view?

A: I personally see it massively played by both web2 and web3 communities. I see our early adopters sitting back and enjoying passive income from being a player early on and amassing scholars. In 5 years, we should have a thriving economy, player-base and value.
I see it having a full range of features, going from a PVP game to additional features such as “ZiggyTV” allowing you to watch games and bet on who you think will win to Team drafting and battling, for example.
Ziggyverse is a game which can be enjoyed by traditional web2 gamers, with web3 blended into it. We’re super excited about the future. I honestly can’t imagine how the Ziggyverse itself will look in 5 years, as we continue development I’m sure it’s going to be super attractive to be played.
Here’s a very early build so we can all check back in 5 years to see where we are at.

I: Well said. All right, let’s go on to the next part! When we announced the AMA, we also asked our community to share their questions about what they’re interested in knowing about Ziggyverse.


I: @Ares_Ziggy Kindly select 5 questions from the thread # and answer them!
You can copy the URL of the questions and paste them here before you answer. #SafePal x Ziggyverse AMA
Here we go!!

A: There is a BUNCH of questions – give me a moment to pick them out!! Here we go
Q1: After minting a Genesis Ziggy with a full set of traits (i.e., if minted from the 27 sets which includes Zombie Ziggy — Sunburn Ziggy — Stardust Ziggy — Sleepy Ziggy etc) what benefits do I get that sets the players apart from minting a Genesis Ziggy with randomized features?
For example, if my minted Genesis Ziggy NFT is equipped with a full set of traits but if it’s not among the top 10 rarest Ziggys (to be eligible to get 100$ worth of tokens in the Bounty Program) then are there any other benefits given to the players that gives them a slight advantage than minting a common Ziggy with a randomized features?

A: This is a GREAT question! So, the Genesis Ziggy collection does have the 27 full set/unique NFTs incorporated – with bounties attached.
If you minted a full set Genesis Ziggy, which was NOT apart of the top 10, you still do receive a Ziggyverse Tile Bundle! This will provide you everything you need to play the Ziggyverse later this year.
As for in-game utility – the Genesis Ziggy provides a BUNCH. You can take a read here: https://medium.com/ziggyverse/the-genesis-ziggy-mint-is-coming-this-august-30th-31st-bc870849937a

A: https://discord.com/channels/909067029791776819/1014902363225608253/1015250773359202425
Q2: What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a genesis Ziggy & what will be its role in ziggyverse?

A: Hey! Another awesome question. Thanks for the praise of the website – it has been in development for some time now and only recently released, we hope you all love it! (https://ziggyverse.com/)
So – the advantage to owning a Genesis Ziggy in-game is that:
1. Boosted EXP – you will gain more EXP when battling opponents. EXP contributes to levelling up your Ziggymon!
2. Boosted Rewards – you will gain more LEEKS in-game, which can be then exchanged for lottery tickets for more rewards!
3. STAKING – Soon, you will be able to stake your Genesis Ziggy before the game is launched, with the chance to win a prize everyday!
4. In-game Emotes – in battles, you will be able to use custom emotes, only available to Genesis Ziggy holders.
5. Rental Opportunities – You can rent out your Genesis Ziggy to other players!

A: https://discord.com/channels/909067029791776819/1014902363225608253/1015263851199090798
Q3: Do you consider community feedback/requests during the creative process to expand on new ideas for your project?

A: Hey, awesome question. We certainly do – we always take on-board our communities ideas and try incorporate these. The game is essentially set-in-stone right now, but with future updates/additions/expansions, we want there to be an aspect where the community has a say, dao style!

A: https://discord.com/channels/909067029791776819/1014902363225608253/1015267941220098068
Q4: What is the dependence of the game on the stability and reliability of the blockchain? Is it possible to migrate to another blockchain in case of large commissions or other problems with BSC? I remember considering the Fantom network. Why did you choose BSС?

A: Hey! Awesome question. So – this hasn’t been spoken about too much right now, but the game itself is built off-chain, you are able to deposit assets (BNB, $POTS, NFTs) into the game. This means that we can essentially integrate ANY blockchain into the game, in the long-term. Once the assets are deposited, they are all handled the same in-game. We’ve chosen BNB Chain due to our deep roots here, and partners. Built on top of DeFi platform Moonpot, with core-team members from MoonPot/Beefy Finance.

A: One more question … let me take a look!
Q5: What can I do after minting Genesis Ziggy? Cause all we know the game not launched yet, just for PFP?

A: Hey, great question. So STAKING will be released – * soon * for the Genesis Ziggy. We are providing a staking pool for minters to use up until the game is launched to provide more utility to our NFTs in the mean-time! We’re all about giving back (A lot of rewards/buybacks for minting), as well as ensuring our investors/players have a great time.
Alongside staking and other perks – it can also be your PFP to spread more awareness on the Ziggyverse! Minting of the Genesis Ziggy is LIVE currently @ https://rareboard.com/ziggy.
We got some news in the next couple hours coming out about these too

I: Thank you @Ares_Ziggy for answering so many questions! It was an amazing discussion with you, I really enjoyed it.
And thanks, everyone for the questions and your presence.

A: It was awesome – thank you for having me!
On a final note – if you want to stay in touch with the project:
Feel free to follow us on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/ziggyverse or join our Telegram community! https://t.me/ziggyverse
Thanks for having me @Ivy_SafePal, was awesome!

I: Thank you for your time @Ares_Ziggy !!! We will end the AMA now so as to not keep you from other duties!
Please look forward to the transcript of the AMA in the coming days @🎤AMA Event Role

A: I’ll see you all in the Ziggyverse

I: Find out more about Ziggyverse
Ziggyverse Website: https://ziggyverse.com/
Ziggyverse Telegram link: https://t.me/ziggyverse
Ziggyverse Twitter: https://twitter.com/ziggyverse

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