[AMA Recap] AMA Section with MetaDerby in SafePal Community

On Thursday, 11th August, Muse – Co-Founder of MetaDerby – joined a live AMA with the SafePal community. We dived into some insightful details on the idea, tokenomics and utility, collaborations, unique features of MetaDerby, and roadmap updates.
Here’s a full summary of MetaDerby AMA with the community of SafePal. Read the AMA below to know more about MetaDerby’s updates, news, and announcements.

🎀FIRST SEGMENT: Fireside Chat🎀

M: Muse
I: Ivy

I: Hello @everyone!! It’s wonderful to have you all here for today’s AMA with MetaDerby! πŸ₯‚ I’d like to extend a special welcome to our guest of honor, Muse, co-founder of MetaDerby!! πŸŽ‰

M: This is Muse from the MetaDerby team! Excited to be here!

I: We’re so excited to have you here too and get to know more MetaDerby! Can you take a brief self-introduction first?

M: Sure!
I am the co-founder of MetaDerby. I entered the crypto industry as a journalist in 2017. I joined Binance in 2018 as a global PR manager. Starting in early 2020, I led growth and operations in a key Binance fiat-to-crypto business line and grew the business from scratch to 2 million weekly active users within 2 years.
Last December, I co-founded MetaDerby with my two other partners, Karm and Mike. Now I am leading Marketing, community, business development and operations at MetaDerby

I: Sweet! Now it’s time to start the first segment!
Q1: Please tell the community about the MetaDerby and its mechanics.

M: MetaDerby is the first free-to-play & earn horse racing metaverse on Avalanche. At MetaDerby, you can race, breed, trade your NFT horses and bet on horse races to gain earnings!

MetaDerby has the following highlights:

a) Free-to-play: we’ll launch a F2P model where beginners can complete some social tasks to gain a free horse to race and earn in the game

b) A dual token model with diverse gameplays including racing, breeding, lottery & metaverse land system

c) Create-to-play & earn: In the future, players can buy their own land to build their own stables/jockey club/race courses to play and earn. So they set their own rules and become part of the creators in the game.

Check out MetaDerby at: www.metaderby.com

I: Thank you for the introduction! SafePal is going to list the MetaDerby on SafePal DApp Store, don’t forget to explore it there! πŸ”₯ Now let’s move to the second question
Q2: Why build MetaDerby? How do you differentiate MetaDerby from other projects?

M: Horse racing game is a universal sport and industry worth billions of dollars, and popular across the world. We want to create a metaverse where humans can reconnect with our ancient friends and celebrate this unique relationship between humans and our horses.

As a horse racing game, MetaDerby has the following highlights:

a. Free-to-play model. We will launch our F2P model in early June, so beginners can complete some social tasks to get a free horse and race in the game. We believe this will onboard more players with barely any entry barrier. They can still play the game without having to pay thousands for an NFT.

b. Create-to-play & earn. In blockchain gaming, players truly own their gaming assets and can be rewarded with the time they committed to a game. What makes it better is that at MetaDerby, players can be part of the creators and run their game.
That’s never happening in traditional gaming space.

c. More social engagement in the game. What keeps the players in a game is the social connections and attachment. At MetaDerby, we will launch more interesting gameplays including customized racing (for players to invite their friends to race), skill play, breeding and training their own horses, etc. to engage our players.

d. Prediction betting. In the real world, horse racing maintained popular worldwide because of the prediction markets and betting. This is a proven model, and we can make it even better by putting things on-chain, making it more transparent.

You can find more details on MetaDerby at:

I: That’s cool! I noticed that you mentioned the ‘play’ and ‘earn’ a couple of times, could you please briefly explain:

Q3: Why free-to-play? How to play-to-earn?

M: We want to make it more friendly for beginners.
At MetaDerby, you will can simply complete a few tasks to claim a Starter Horse as well as 20 HOOF to race
πŸ‡ Claim a starter horse here: https://starterhorse.metaderby.com/#/

This is a user flow of Metaderby, you can earn by winning races, breeding, and setting up and running your own races

I: Thank you for explaining, and now I believe that people would have a clearer image of Metaderby and become more interested in your team’s development plan. So, could you please share:

Q4: What is the MetaDerby roadmap and the difference between zedrun?

M: You can check out our roadmap here: https://metaderby-1.gitbook.io/metaderby-whitepaper/metaderby-tokenomics/roadmap

So far the game development has been running as planned

Compared to Zed Run, MetaDerby has the three highlights mentioned as above:
a. Free-to-play model
b. Dual token model with more sophisticated gameplays and social elements
c. Create-to-play & earn with metaverse

This video describes our vision: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GV9vfDOgm6s&feature=youtu.be

I: That’s awesome! πŸ”₯

Q5: Could you introduce the Token Economics inside of MetaDerby as well?

M: Sure!

This is an overview of MetaDerby economics

I: As a project founder who has been building in this industry for a long time,

Q6: What qualities do you look for in a cryptocurrency?

M: For this industry, I appreciate the high growth potential and its capability in decentralizing finance, as well as bringing true ownership to people’s assets and data.
For crypto projects, I think the capability to sustain across market cycles and bringing true value to a broader community is very crucial
Taking MetaDerby for example, we are dedicated to building a fun game for our community since day
MetaDerby launched its initial beta version on May 6, 2022, which was only accessible to its early NFT holders. Since then, MetaDerby has launched new gameplays and features, including:

  • its in-game marketplace and NFT horses;
  • a free-to-play mode allowing anyone to complete social tasks to claim a Starter Horse for free and experience the games;
  • death racing and tournament racing;
  • a mobile-adaptive version for players to play the games on various mobile wallet apps.

Currently MetaDerby has 1500 – 2000 weekly active users, with a daily trading volume of around 500,000 HOOF tokens.
We really appreciate our community and SafePal’s support, and this is just the beginning for us :))


I: That was very informative for our community, thanks Muse! All right, let’s go on to the next part! ✨ When we announced the AMA, we also asked our community to share their questions about what they’re interested in knowing about MetaDerby.
Kindly select 5 questions from the thread SafePal x MetaDerby AMA and answer them!
You can copy the URL of the questions and paste them here before you answer.
@0xKrypton Thank you. πŸ₯‚

M: https://discord.com/channels/909067029791776819/1006881311308398723/1007238487449284648
Q1: I see that MetaDerby is different in that it has a “Free-to-play-and-earn” system.
However, this “free” part worries me a bit, as I’ve seen successful games die after players steal massive amounts of game liquidity.
So, How do you protect cash flow in this free play model?

A: Thanks for your questions! You’re seasoned gamer indeed
You can check out more
You will need to buy $HOOF token to race with a Starter Horse. Starter Horse can only gain minimal earning, and if you want to keep winning, you will need to buy a mystery box of better horse
You will need to earning certain amount to cash out from the game as well

M: https://discord.com/channels/909067029791776819/1006881311308398723/1007238583507243008
Q2: Many projects look great only on their whitepaper or roadmap but face a lot of difficulties when trying to implement the project mission and end up failing. So my question is how you will overcome every obstacle in its project development? And what makes you feel confident about the survival & sustainable success of META DERBY in the near future?

A: Since our initial beta launch, we have updated our new feature every two week and continue to deliver more fun gameplay. And in 2-3 weeks, we’re going to launch our new horse gears NFTs

M: https://discord.com/channels/909067029791776819/1006881311308398723/1007238580877414410
Q3: Subnets indeed are interesting. When did the full team come together, how many full-time devs are there, and how long has the game been in production for?

A: Subnet deployment is not a top priority for now, but we do have a plan to develop a subnet in the future
We have 16 devs in house, and the game has been in production for 6 months. Every 2 weeks we have a new release

Check out: metaderby.com

M: https://discord.com/channels/909067029791776819/1006881311308398723/1007238528834486293
Q4: As 0xKrypton said: Metaderby has two tokens, if I want to start playing Metaderby, which token should I use to buy NFTs to start playing?

A: You can buy a mystery box using HOOF token

You can buy HOOF token in the SafePal wallet :)))
Each mystery box contains a brand new NFT horsen

M: https://discord.com/channels/909067029791776819/1006881311308398723/1007238605984510072
Q5: How many horses can participate in one race and what is the Fee to Participate in the Race?

A: There are 12 horses in a random race

The entry fees vary by the class of the horse

You can watch a live race here: https://beta.metaderby.com/#/watch/open-race/1

I: Cool, there are lots of questions on the Discord thread. I think that’s 5 questions here @0xKrypton Thank you so much for answering them and providing so much information! πŸ₯‚

🎀Third SEGMENT: Quiz🎀

I: Now we’ll start the final segment!
MetaDerby has prepared a quiz for the community here.
The community has 5 minutes to answer the quiz. The first 10 participants getting the full score of the quiz will be winners of this section.
On the count of three, get yourself ready for the quiz.


M: Let’s gooooooo

I: We’ve really enjoyed having you here with us today @0xKrypton !
At the same time we’re looking forward to seeing MetaDerby succeed and grow on SafePal APP. πŸ₯‚

Find out more about MetaDerbyπŸ‘‡πŸΌ

MetaDerby Website: https://www.metaderby.com/
MetaDerby Telegram/Discord link: https://t.me/MetaDerbyOfficial / https://discord.com/invite/metaderby
MetaDerby Twitter: https://twitter.com/metaderby

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