[AMA Recap] AMA Section with Brewery in SafePal Community

On Thursday, March 31th, Lexie – CMO and Co-Founder at Brewery – joined a live AMA with the SafePal community. She gave an informative introduction about what Brewery is, answered questions about the project and about the recent collaboration with SafePal, upcoming plans, and much more.

This blog post includes a recap of the live AMA session and features the questions asked by community members, as well as Lexie’s answers.


🎤FIRST SEGMENT: Fireside Chat🎤

L: Lexie
I: Ivy

I: Here we are again then! Greetings @everyone! We are extremely excited to have Lexie @Boba Brewery , the Co-founder and CMO of Brewery, here with us for today’s session.
Hey there @Boba Brewery , so nice to have you here!! Would you like to introduce yourself?😀

L: Hi guys! It’s Lexie from Boba Brewery, nice to join you guys!
How are you guys doing?

I: All good 😊💯
Always welcome Lexie

L: I’m here with a great passion to bring the next big thing in every hand, mainly responsible for the marketing part of our project, Boba Brewery🍻
Hope you guys already know about our project, coz we experienced a huge expansion yesterday.

I: Alright!! Let’s start with today’s golden session now, shall we guys? 😊

L: Let’s gooo🚀

I: Here comes the first question from the Intro Segment for you then1️⃣
Q1: Hi Lexie, I know that yesterday you and the Boba Brewery team launched an exciting Wallet Holder Offering with the SafePal Community.
Could you perhaps share with us how the campaign is going?

L: Yes absolutely! First of all, thank all of you guys, SafePal community! The WHO campaign Boba Brewery & SafePal WHO is going extremely well, due to all of your support and enthusiasm! 🍻 🍻 🍻
The whitelisting of the 20,000 users pool has been filled in under 3 hours as well as thousands of users had already committed to the exclusive Boba Brewery pool.
Thank you all for participating! Much appreciated!

I: That’s crazy!
And I have to say, the popularity of this one’s WHO has grown even beyond my expectations. 👏 The whole community is so expecting to have such a WHO campaign, and now everybody’s so excited to know more about Brewery, the amazing team. Let’s continue our questions! ▶️
Q2: Could you share some of your web 3 experiences of yours and your experience in building blockchain tech?

L: Yeah, I think I can claim my crypto experience as 6 years since I paid my first bitcoin bill in the summer of 2016 at a Korean BBQ restaurant in Santa Clara, was very impressed by that memory, haha.
I actually started to investigate and invest in the crypto market during the period of the bear market in 2018.
I was bullish at that time and became an ETH/Ethereum HODLer. Lucky enough to make that choice when it comes to the growth of Ethereum.
And now as a co-founder of the Brewery project, I am capable of bringing my vision of the crypto industry and utilizing blockchain tech as the big support from our team.
Our whole team is happy to be a part of it, not just a lover, HODLer, but also as a builder as well🍻

I: Well, that’s a great start! 👏
Q3: Can you tell us more about the Brewery?

L: Sure, well Boba Brewery is the first launchpad on Boba Network, we are a fully decentralized platform to connect excellent fundraising projects from Boba ecosystem, and also investors who look for IDOs.
Powered by the state-of-art token distribution algorithm, Boba Brewery ensures every IDO buyer has the fairest allocation!
In general, fairness is our top priority.
Besides fairness, we also value safety and transparency, which would be the key ingredients to a fully sustainable launchpad for top-tier projects in Boba.
All the original smart contract code has been released to a well-known verification company named CerTik, and they confirm its authenticity. All the source code will be open to the public and gradually handed over to our community after our IDO period. We would like to make our users feel safe and secure on our platform.
Let’s BREW together!!!

I: Awesome 🙌
Q4: What inspired you to found the Brewery?

L: It is a simple story actually, me and Bruce, the CEO of Boba Brewery have collaborated successfully with each other for 6 years due to a mutual understanding of business.
He got his PhD in the tech area and I got the MBA degree, owing complementary skills in our working process.
As I mentioned, I value the web 3 world and expect a great future from it, Bruce shares the same opinion with me, so we started this project, and here we are, showing it to the whole crypto world, and hopefully to prosper alongside the web 3 world!

I: That’s great, once the consensus building, all things go smoothly.
Q5: How do you suggest web3 educators bridge the gap in knowledge for newcomers?

L: Always make it as simplest as possible, when I enter the web 3 world, I think it’s back to 2016, there is little information about it, I had to dig obscure papers and thesis for details.
I believe now still there are people out there who intend to join the web 3 world but are scared by the seemed-obscure content.
Nowadays, I’m happy to see some content creators and video makers break down difficult content into small pieces and explain it in plain words, I hope more and more would do that, and let’s make it easy as a make-up tutorial, haha!🤣

I: Exactly!
That is also what we are doing right now. 📕 🎒
Q6: What makes Boba Brewery unique?

L: I can list three unique features, all of their words start with F.
Free of charge, no extra platform gas fee for staking, withdrawing and participating in any IDO on our platform.
In the crypto world, the GAS FEE really matters, I think it is the most practical benefit for all of us. With our goal of making Boba Brewery an innovative community, we designed a Zero-Fee strategy on our smart contract, making participation available to everyone.🍻
Then as the FIRST launchpad on Boba chain, we gain the highest priority of launching projects on Boba network; but we are also open to possibilities for future cross-chain cooperation, our advocators always get access to the first opportunity for the next big thing!
Once again, it’s FAIRNESS: I think I mentioned that right, Boba Brewery provides guaranteed transparent allocation tiers for all the potential users, to make sure each participant has an allocation spot.

I: Great concepts ✨
You guys are so commendable😁
Q7: What is in the future for Boba Brewery?

L: In a decentralized world, we believe a passionate community and DAO will lead our launchpad to success.
Our platform aims to benefit ALL token holders with any size investment. The native token $BRE will be used to offer governance rights and other potential benefits to token holders on the platform.
After our initial launch, the entire platform will gradually convert itself to a fully decentralized application with on-chain governance as long as the community has enough engagement.

I: Potentially infinite! 🤩
Q8: Who should we expect to see upcoming to become the partners of the Brewery?

L: We are open to any kinds of projects that have potentials, we will try our best to offer our brewers all kinds of good projects, such as NFTs, which is the latest trend that’s sweeping the industry, DeFi, Game Fi and all kinds of projects. You guys can see some for the coming months!

I: Alright, that’s cool.
And the last one from segment 1
Q9: What made you decide to cooperate with SafePal?

I: It’s definitely a privilege for us to cooperate with SafePal I have to say, SafePal has the best hard wallet you can find in the crypto market we have to admit!
Hope we can know each other as earlier as possible and maybe give me a discount when I purchased! Haha🤣
Your product is so good as you guys say, always secure and protected, I would say it’s a 100% true slogan for sure.🚀
Personally, I think working with SafePal would not only share with SafePal wallet holders about us, about Brewery, to access all the projects with potential on our launchpad to invest but also show to the crypto world that we seek for security and transparency as SafePal does.
It’s really an honor to brew with SafePal together, and thank you guys for inviting me as a guest today!

I: Thank you for supporting SafePal so well! :PandaLove: Nice doing cooperation with you.
Well with this we come to the end of segment 1.
And Lexie is going to select 5 questions from the thread and answer them!


L: https://discord.com/channels/909067029791776819/958719650571640873/959047458443374592
1. Do you have a whitepaper? if yes please share it with us and secondly are you working to AUDIT your project, to make its security more secure and reliable?

A: Yes we have the whitepaper, please check it here: https://docs.bobabrewery.com/
Also YES we’ve passed AUDIT, please kindly check here: https://github.com/BobaBrewery/brewery-contarcts/blob/main/audit/REP-Boba-Brewery_final-20220224.pdf

2. Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community? Are we allowed in decision making, do you put community into consideration ?

A: We do for sure, we value Brewery community much. Actually, the first poll we did in our community is “What kind of projects you are looking for in the future on Boba Brewery?”, DeFi, GameFi, NFT, or something.
In our community, everyone’s voice matters and we can spoil a little bit that user’s tier impacts their voting rights, go and check our Tier System in our tokenomics in our documentation section.

L: https://discord.com/channels/909067029791776819/958719650571640873/959047893879242762
Bre is or will be a multychain project ?

A: Yes, that will be much possible in the near future. We are creating a direct place to connect all kinds of brightest projects with intelligent investors, and an LP farming yield.
Boba Brewery as the name you can see we are born in Boba Network, but in the future, there are more cross-chain functionalities to be delivered.

L: https://discord.com/channels/909067029791776819/958719650571640873/959006958466252840
Where i can get all the latest news about ? Do you have Twitter/Telegram/Discord community? If yes can you share the link here because there is a lot of fake telegram/twitter groups?

A: Sure👇
Twitter: https://twitter.com/boba_brewery
Telegram Community: https://t.me/bobabrewery
Discord: under construction
Also you can check our website for every social media link: https://bobabrewery.com/

L: https://discord.com/channels/909067029791776819/958719650571640873/958720007620161616
Hi Boba Brewery Team, why did you choose the Boba Chain instead of other EVM/non EVM chains for your project? Thanks.

A: Boba network saves loads of gas fees. It is like 10 times less than ETH layer1 Mainnet, which is a super attraction to price sensitive person like me, LOL.
More importantly, I have witnessed sustained growth in the Boba ecosystem and I am convinced that the Boba ecosystem ganna be the next big thing, and we do want to be a part of it.
Five questions!

🎤Third SEGMENT: Quiz🎤

I: With this, we come to the end of segment-2 as well!
Thank you so much for such intriguing answers so far! @Boba Brewery
And coming is the final part: the quiz
Brewery has prepared a quiz for the community here.
The community has 5 minutes to answer the quiz. The first 10 participants getting the full score of the quiz will be winners of this section.
@Boba Brewery It was amazing to have you here today!

L: Thank you for inviting me! Let’s BREW together🍻

I: See you guys next time🚀
Find out more about Brewery

Brewery Website: https://bobabrewery.com/
Brewery Telegram link: https://t.me/bobabrewery
Brewery Twitter: https://twitter.com/boba_brewery

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